Many wondered what the Black Mamba five time NBA champion perennial all star and all time great basketball player Kobe Bryant would be up to these days and how he would be able to reinvent himself post NBA and within the realm of “civilian life.” Could Kobe find anything to do we wonder. Well some of those worries or suspicions are being put to rest this week to the tune of Kobe Bryant who recently ended a 20 year tenure in the NBA by transitioning announcing on Monday former president Jeff Stibel to the tune of 100 million dollars (that a lot of cheese!) to start a venture capitalist en devour in the tech realm. There could be a new big name in tech. 

It has already invested in 13 companies which include The Players Tribune LegalZoom and a video game design company called Scope. The fund is not currently accepting outside investors. Kobe made the announcement Monday that he was starting a 100 million dollar media technology and data fund. Bryant will thus partner with Jeff Stibel the vice chairman of Dun and Bradstree, chairman of brain implant system Brian Gate and former president of Bryant has been privately investing with Stibel.
“This is one of my passions,” Kobe Bryant said, “we are one gear 100 percent laser focused, and here we go.” 

Braynt rang the bell at the New York Stock Expunge Monday morning as they made their announcement. He’s even designed the Logo for Bryant Stibel. During his career made some of the most money any player in sport history has ever and maybe will ever make. Not just through his playing but Kobe was very much the face of the NBA and had his hand in everything that would turn a buck both here and in China Italy and Spain. He was really a jack of all trades and would speak that fore mentioned languages fluently so he was a marketers dream.

His playing career alone brought in roughly $330 million dollars over 20 years. With his creative and relentless reputation combining in this venture its safe to say that he should be quite successful with Stibel as they continue to invest in tech industry. What is going to make Kobe an amazing success in this regard is what makes Magic Johnson such a success in the business arena in Los Angeles and that is the fact that he is one of the most beloved sports icons of all time. People having given Magic Extremely favorable dealings for no other reason than he was a major sports figure. Lets not forget the root of the word fan is fanatic. Another thing that is starting to look really good in this regard is the fact that all of these new tech startups that do not want to set up shop in the silicon valley can now find a new place o refuge and set up shop where it really matters in the city of Los Angeles. It is a kind of gold rush and who should know that better than Mr. Purple and Gold himself.


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