There’s an article going around the internet that is reporting that Apple could be the next BlackBerry as it gets left behind in the AI arms race. But as Public Enemy said, “don’t believe the hype.” In many respects yes, good is a much better than its competitors. But how exactly does Apple use its AI today. Well for the most part it analyzes how we get places in Maps and other location based platforms within their network. In addition they can recognize faces in Photos. In order to understand what you’re saying with Siri and lets you interact with various apps. This learns what kind of applications you are going to want to use and at what time you do in relation to your location. Its a big part of their platform right now, but what is surprising about this fact is that for the most part they are not very good in this field.

Apple is also in the works of deals to patch over the areas where its AI is weak. Asks Siri. Apple has deals in the works that can hopefully rectify this glaring weakness and hopefully cure their ailing networks. This is all happening in the face of the mounting tech bubble. 

As we know AI became a field in the broadest sense 60 years ago but at that point it was more sci-fi than sci. Ever since that time researchers have tried to achieve human level smarts or better.

“Computers are just starting to be able to hear and starting to being able to see images. Those are tremendous improvements in the field in the last five years. Were doing that by having computers read millions of texts and pages from the web by hooking them up to cameras and moving them around human environments.”

AI is going to be the new normal when we consider the infrastructure  of the future and the way we move through the world, but not in the way you may be thinking. Think more predictive or connection making model based solutions. “Reasoning will be improved as we develop systems that continuously sense and interact with the world, as opposed to learning systems that continuously sense and interact with the world, as opposed to learning systems that passively observe information that others have chose.” 

To put it bluntly if Apple is going to really hedge their bets on AI and their place in the global market is largely dependent on if they can bridge this gap. In may respects Apple has been a company without an identity since the passive of CEO Steve Jobs. Jobs was the person that was able to determine their moon shots and give them an identity not only today for a decade from now. Today however, Cooke does not have that same foresight that Jobs had. They have been able to coast for the last few years but we are in the midst of a trans formative moment in the tech industry and for the large part the world in general.  When we are going to look at what 2020 will look like we can relate it to how it is being engineered today.

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