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The internet may have been around for decades, but it’s only now that many of us are learning out how navigate it’s intensely overstimulating array of information with any aptitude whatsoever. Here are some tips to get you started on a journey through the internet prepared and aware.

1. You can log out of Facebook remotely.

….which is definitely a good idea if you’re addicted and have to check it at work, at friends’ houses, at libraries, internet cafes, whatever. Log in on whatever device you want, go to “Settings” using the upper right dropdown menu, choose “Security” and then “When you’re logged in.” You should be shown a screen that displays on which devices you’re logged in and gives you the option of ending sessions accordingly.

2. Search phrases you can’t even remember.

If you’re ever trying to remember a quote, proverb or lyric, you can google whatever fragment you got and likely find what you’re looking for. If you’re really blanking, put quotes at the beginning and end of the phrase, add in whatever you can remember, and if there are missing words, just replace them with an asterisk.

3. Soft block frenemies.

On Twitter there’s the mute button and on Facebook you can always uncheck the box that says “Show in News Feed” when you run your curser over an unwanted post, or simply uncheck “Following” when you hover over the friend’s name.

This is a great way to avoid the bombardment of information coming certain kinds of internet users without making as bold a statement as unfriending them or blocking them. After all, they might post about it if they notice you did it.

4. Browse stress free with incognito mode.

All major browsers have incognito mode, a type of window you can open that doesn’t store your search history. This is great for looking at dumb stuff on the internet at work, watching explicit stuff you don’t want your spouse or partner to know about, or even just searching for a gift for something that also uses the computer. Just keep in mind that ISPs will know what sites you visited; get Tor if you want to avoid that.

5. Mute email threads.

Thank god, if only they had this for group messaging. Using Gmail, all you have to do is click on the “More” tab and then choose the mute option. You should stop receiving notifications as people chime in.

6. Emoji wherever possible.

Stop copy pasting from If you have a Mac, all you have to do to add in an emoji to a text box that doesn’t have its own emoji dropdown menu is simultaneously press the command, control and space bar at the same time. With Windows, go to task bar>toolbar>touch keyboard and pick the smiley key.

7. Check out Gchat.

Gchat’s fun, but make it even more fun by typing in /ponystream. You’ll see.

8. Play YouTube videos in slow motion.

Just press the space key as you’re watching!

9. Go Cold Turkey.

Need to be more productive and less distracted? Download Cold Turkey onto your browser to keep you from visiting some sites instead of others. You can lock certain sites and applications on a timer to make sure you stay away from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, whatever.